Our comfortable, private studio encourages students to relax deeply into their practice and absorb the many benefits of a well-balanced, restorative class. Classes are an ever-changing blend of styles and include influences from many yoga traditions and movement methods. Most classes follow the popular "Vinyasa" style, where postures are choreographed into balanced and flowing sequences. With an emphasis on strong foundations, suppleness and mental and emotional clarity, classes are designed to encourage students back toward “wholeness” with an integrated approach accessing all layers of being. All classes culminate in a restorative deep relaxation and meditation. The utmost respect is paid to the integrity of Yoga's ancient teachings and movements are modified to suit individual needs. All age groups are encouraged and welcomed.
Except during school holidays, participants are encouraged to commit to a term of classes. Any classes missed during the term may be "made up" in another class during the same term. However, there are usually at least 2 mats available for "drop-ins" or those who cannot commit to a regular time slot.
Directions: Boutique Yoga Studio resides at 27 Cambewarra Place, Gerringong. The house is at the end of a cul de sac with a sign on the front fence. The studio is separate from the house. Entrance is via the front gate. Walk down the path, past the front door and toward the arbour. Turn left into the “sun room” where you can sign in and leave your personal belongings. Please, arrive 10 minutes before your class is due to begin. Also remember to arrive quietly and park thoughtfully, respecting the neighbourhood around the studio.
Term 1 2020: from Monday 10th February to Thursday 9th April. Timetable is now available.
Casual session: $20 per session
Private or corporate session: contact us
Secure your spot with Term subscription (single or multiple classes).    
Yoga Therapy: available as one-on-one or group sessions. Contact us for more info. 
Yoga for Seniors: Merryn offers Yoga for Seniors at the Uniting Mayflower Aged-Care every second Friday during Term 1, 2020. Contact us for more info. 
Wake Up (60 min)


​This class is designed to warm the body, clear the mind and set you up for the day ahead. Drawing influences from a range of movement modalities blended into a flowing stream of sequences, enjoy the benefits of a regular early morning practice. Suitable for most levels.


Sessions: Monday to Thursday at 6:00am​

Restore (90 min)


​The antidote to an overwhelmingly busy life, over-used bodies and minds. Chill out, unwind and completely indulge in deeply restorative practices designed to stimulate the deeper tissues of the body and release blocked energy channels. Suitable for all levels.

Sessions: Thursday at 5:00pm

Full Flow (90 min)


This class includes all the elements of a balanced practice. Expect to gradually warm the body , clear the mind then merge into a flowing stream of movement. Full Flow culminates in a beautiful deep relaxation and meditation.


Sessions: Monday at 9:30am and Saturday at 7:30am​

Flow (60 min)


A full flowing practice covering most elements in a Full Flow class but condensed into a 60 minute class.


Sessions: Tuesday at 5:30pm

Slow Flow (60 min)


An introduction to the physical postures of yoga and basic breathing techniques taught in the popular flow form. Suitable for beginners or those who prefer a slower explorative practice.

Sessions: Monday at 5:00pm and Thursday at 9:30am

Men's Yoga (60 min)


A class designed for men who need to untangle knots and discover what it is to be mobile.


Sessions: Wednesday 5:00pm

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