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Boutique Yoga began as a private studio in Canberra in 2007 and moved to Gerringong in June 2011. A conscious decision to build a small home-based business was born from a desire to grow and maintain a small but sustainable business without inviting the pressure of having to meet the needs of operating a successful commercial studio. In spite of offers and temptations to expand, Boutique Yoga has remained a quiet achiever, with the view that growing bigger equals more stress and less ability to be true to the teachings of Yoga. 


Owner and operator Merryn Lee Perez moved from a career in high school teaching to a career in teaching Yoga over 10 years ago. Merryn has an extensive background in education and teaching movement classes to children and adults in a career expanding over 20 years. Her classes are inspired by a variety of movement modalities which she skillfully blends into beautiful classes combining movement with guided meditation and breath work. Merryn is committed to on-going professional development and works with the Yoga Australia committee on a variety of projects. Yoga Australia is the national peak body for Yoga teachers and Yoga teacher training programs. It is a voluntary, not for profit organisation whose mission is to promote and support the integrity and professionalism of Yoga teaching as well as to provide a support network for " all things Yoga" in Australia. Merryn is currently a member of the Yoga Australia Council of Advisors (YACA). 


Yoga Therapy is taught one to one and treats the whole person, not just the condition or diagnosis. Prescribing specific yogic techniques to help a person to feel better, get better and stay better, is the fundamental goal. Yoga Therapy aims to support and strengthen the individual's inner resources by offering a personalised and manageable yoga practice.

"The many benefits of regular Yoga practice go way beyond Yoga asana (or physical exercise), and my purpose is to inspire students in such a way as to make Yoga as important to them as it is to me. Now, firmly set on this path, I hope to continue discovering different ways of reaching into the heart of my students, combining the great wisdom found in the the traditional roots of Yoga with modern day applications."


Merryn Lee Perez, B.ed. (sec PE)

YACA member

Senior Level 3 Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Australia 

Qualified Yoga Therapist

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