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About Us

Boutique Yoga began in Canberra in 2006 at the beginning of my pursuit into Yogic studies &

My background is Education, (high school teaching), specialising in physical education, dance, health,
music & fitness. Always seeking insight into the deeper world around us, studying Yoga opened
doorways into understanding that wisdom & peace lie within, & learning to trust in that sustains us
through the most difficult times we face in our lives. I know this, but knowing is not enough.
Practicing is key. Daily practice, even just a few minutes each day, is how we free ourselves from the
entanglement we create in our bodies & minds.

Boutique Yoga aims to provide an experience of belonging. A place of ease in this world of dis-ease,
a place to nurture a ritual of self-care & nourishment, a place of openness & safety. We want to
warmly welcome people from all walks of life, ages, cultures & experiences. We aim to cultivate
community in this fractured world.

Through practices that encourage freedom, strength, clarity & calm, our bodies & minds are trained
to remember we already have what we need inside us. Often we need guidance to return to this
place of equanimity & harmony. Regular Yoga practice affirms this wisdom & keeps us healthy & well
at all levels of being. Also key to the practice is remembering how important it is to have fun, leave
any competitive urges outside the door, and definitely not take ourselves too seriously!

Boutique Yoga has taken it’s own shape over the years & continues to do so. A home-based space in
which to grow a dedicated Yoga community reduces the stress & financial costs of operating a
commercial venue. This has always been a determined, conscious decision to ensure the
management of Boutique Yoga prioritizes stress reduction. I know myself well enough to understand
I cannot authentically hold space& guide others compassionately & professionally, if I am not taking
care of my own mental/emotional health.

As I write this, I am occasionally looking away to gaze upon the magnificent mandala created by
Scarlet Barnett, a Bundjaling woman of Palawa descent, trained Yoga teacher & visionary artist. We
commissioned Scarlet to create this beautiful artwork for our new studio. We have called it Unity.
This mandala speaks to the common ground between First Nations people & the Yoga community. It
speaks to the wisdom of “one-ness”, that we belong to each other. The 8 petals of the mandala
represent the 8 limbs of Yoga, while the waves & spirals symbolise our connection to the natural
flow of life & ancestral lineage. The mandala as our logo, represents our respect for indigenous wisdom or "inner knowing" , the shared wisdom from Yogic philosophy & our commitment toward fostering inter-connection in everyday life.


Merryn Lee Perez

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