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in beautiful Gerringong

Our Classes

Our classes are usually no bigger than 10 people at a time (18 maximum). These numbers vary, especially recently in accordance with the latest news  of the COVID -19 pandemic. Boutique Yoga is registered with NSW COVID Safe program and participants are invited to use our QR Code signing in on arrival. We also offered a Zoom-In facility for  most classes during 2020, and will continue to do so for as long as is necessary.


Keeping Boutique Yoga afloat is a team effort. We appreciate advance notice for bookings and cancellations when necessary. There is a lot of planning, preparation and clean up that goes on behind the scenes, and most communication is done via email or text message.  Acknowledgement of communication is appreciated, and your feedback highly valuable.

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Slow Flow

A 60 minute gentle to moderate session.

Suitable for entry level participants.



A 60 minute mindful movement practice.


Full Flow

A 90 minute session covering

breathwork, fluid movement, deep

stretch and relaxation.



A 90 minute session focused on 

quietening the mind and deeply

relaxing the body.


Men's Yoga

A 60 Minute session designed to

de-stress, untangle knots and restore



Phone: 0412 571 772


Casual class$20 per session (60 or 90 minute practice)


Term payments (Term 1 - 2021 - 8 weeks): 60 minute class $120 (8 sessions); 90 minute class $160 (8 sessions)

This locks you into the class or classes of your choice for the full 8 week term. Multiple class packages available by request at a reduced cost.


Zoom-In 10-class pass$150


Yoga Therapy (one-on-one session) available on request: from $100


Gift Vouchers available on request.


Timetable Feb - Apr 2021


9:30am Full Flow

5:00pm Slow Flow


6:00am Flow


6:00 Flow

5:00pm Men's Yoga


6:00am Flow

9:30am Slow Flow

5:00pm Restore


7:30am Full Flow


Boutique Yoga originated in Canberra in 2006.  The idea of offering smaller classes in a warm, welcoming, inclusive space was born out of frustration from teaching in large fitness centres and community halls over several years. We have been operating in Gerringong since 2011.


Boutique Yoga is me, Merryn Lee Perez. I have a background in high school teaching with music, dance and fitness featuring strongly throughout those years. I am a seeker, intrigued by the quest to discover more about our potential as humans, and what lies beyond and between the physical body, and thinking mind.


Without any great plan or vision in mind, my commitment to nurturing this small business of Boutique Yoga led me into understandings that continue to fortify me, when I need it the most.  I do my best to carry this through my teachings.  I have learnt, and am still learning to trust myself, to have faith and courage, and to remain stubbornly hopeful.


I am committed to on-going professional development and training, and am an active member for Yoga Australia’s Council of Advisors. I am a strong believer in strength of community, and facilitate a group of local health and allied health professionals in our community to collaborate on projects and individual clients. Volunteering and fundraising is an important part of my practice and I try to find ways to offer my services whenever possible.

I do not advertise much and am not great with social media. Word of mouth has proven most valuable in my experience. With full respect to those who rely on the socials, I decided long ago I would not get  caught up in it all, and prefer to invest my time in other areas.

Look forward to seeing you,